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Catalog No: CFN99389

Highest concentrations of (2R,3R)-(+)-glucodistylin, (2S,3S)-(-)-glucodistylin and 3-O-( -d-xylopyranosyl)taxifolin occur in European beeches can strongly infest with beech scale.
Catalog No: CFN90845

Catalog No: CFN90842

Reference standards.
(E)-6-O-(p-coumaroyl)scandoside methyl ester
Catalog No: CFN95192

(E)-6-O-(p-coumaroyl)scandoside methyl ester shows moderate anti-proliferation effect on PC3 human androgen-independent prostate cancer cells.
Catalog No: CFN97737

(E)-Aldosecologanin is a natural product from Lonicera japonica.
Catalog No: CFN93323

N-Caffeoylputrescine has antioxidant activity.
Catalog No: CFN90143

(-)-Corypalmine has inhibition activity on spore germination of plant pathogenic and saprophytic fungi.
Catalog No: CFN70160

(R)-(+)-Limonene exhibits antihyperalgesic effects against mechanical hyperalgesia, and it also has antidepressive,antianxiety,and anti-inflammatory activities.
Catalog No: CFN92684

Reference standards.
Catalog No: CFN95013

(R)-Reticuline is the biosynthetic precursor of the morphinan alkaloids.