Our Services

1.ChemFaces is a professional high-purity natural products manufacturer

2.Construct high-quality natural product library for drug research and development. More than 6000 compounds are available, many of them are our unique products.

3.Provide reference substances and active components of T raditional Chinese Medicine.

4.Provide more products of inhibitors in addition to a variety of screening libraries.

5.Provide isolation and structure determination of natural products.

6.Contract research, contract manufacture and process development services from lab scale, pilot scale to comm ercial scale.

Natural Products

Product Types

Popular Products
Notoginsenoside R1

Catalog No: CFN99999
CAS No: 80418-24-2
Price: $60/20mg

Catalog No: CFN99998
CAS No: 487-41-2
Price: $40/20mg

Catalog No: CFN99997
CAS No: 18059-10-4
Price: $100/20mg

Catalog No: CFN99996
CAS No: 23496-41-5
Price: $70/20mg
2,3,5,4'-Tetrahydroxyl diphenylethylene-2-O-glucoside

Catalog No: CFN99995
CAS No: 82373-94-2
Price: $40/20mg
Pinoresinol diglucoside

Catalog No: CFN99994
CAS No: 63902-38-5
Price: $100/20mg

Catalog No: CFN99993
CAS No: 518-17-2
Price: $40/20mg

Catalog No: CFN99992
CAS No: 482-89-3
Price: $40/20mg

Catalog No: CFN99991
CAS No: 20362-31-6
Price: $30/20mg
Tubeimoside I

Catalog No: CFN99990
CAS No: 102040-03-9
Price: $40/20mg