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Catalog No: CFN92123

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Catalog No: CFN92567

1-Hydroxy-2-methylanthraquinone exhibits promising larvicidal activity.
Catalog No: CFN96878

1-Methoxyphaseollidin exhibits anti-Helicobacter pylori activity against the CLAR and AMOX-resistant strain as well as four CLAR (AMOX)-sensitive strains. 1-Methoxyphaseollidin may show moderate cytotoxic activity against KB and L1210 cells. 1-Methoxyphaseollidin also shows inhibition of lysoPAF acetyltransferase activity.
Catalog No: CFN91719

1-O-Acetyl britannilactone
Catalog No: CFN90219

1-O-Acetyl britannilactone shows antifungal, and anti-cancer activities, it suppresses angiogenesis and lung cancer cell growth possibly via regulating the VEGFR-Src-FAK signaling. 1-O-Acetyl britannilactone may be one anti-inflammatory drug which inhibits the expression of COX-2 gene by blocking NF-κB activation and thus suppresses the inflammatory response to LPS in vascular smooth muscle cells.
Catalog No: CFN89438

1-O-Acetylbritannilactone has anticancer activity, it suppresses angiogenesis and lung cancer cell growth possibly via regulating the VEGFR-Src-FAK signaling, it also can combine with gemcitabine elicits a potent apoptosis of lung cancer cell. 1-O-Acetylbritannilactone may serve as a novel therapeutic intervention for various cardiovascular diseases, including chronic ischemia, by regulating VEGF signaling and modulating angiogenesis; it is a potent inhibitor of LPS-stimulated VSMC inflammatory responses through blockade of NF-kappaB activity and inhibition of inflammatory gene COX-2 expression. 1-O-Acetylbritannilactone may act as potent natural skin-lightening agents, it exhibits anti-melanogenic activity by suppression of tyrosinase expression via ERK and Akt signaling.
Catalog No: CFN96731

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Catalog No: CFN98933

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Catalog No: CFN91849

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Catalog No: CFN99076

2-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)ethanol has antioxidant properties; it is a potent specific inhibitor of lipoxygenase activities, it inhibits platelet 12-LO activity (IC50, 4.2 microM) and PMNL 5-LO activity (IC50, 13 microM) but not cyclooxygenase activity in cell-free conditions; it also inhibits 12-LO activity in intact platelets (IC50, 50 microM) and reduces leukotriene B4 production in intact PMNL stimulated by A23187 (IC50, 26 microM).