Physalis alkekengi

Physalis alkekengi, is a relative of P. peruviana (Cape Gooseberry), easily identifiable by the larger, bright orange to red papery covering over its fruit, which resemble Chinese lanterns. It is native from southern Europe east across southern Asia to Japan.
The flowers are white, with a five-lobed corolla 10–15 mm across, with an inflated basal calyx which matures into the papery orange fruit covering, 4–5 cm long and broad.
A new steroidal constituent named physalin T (3) was isolated from the aqueous extract of Physalis alkekengi var. francheti. Based on 1H and 13C NMR spectral studies the structure was assigned as 2,3-dihydrophysalin D, i.e., 5alpha,6beta-dihydroxy-2,3,5,6-tetrahydrophysalin B, which is the first example of a natural physalin possessing a saturated ring A moiety. The structure was confirmed by the chemical transformation from the known physalin D (2) to physalin T.
Research products of this plants

Catalog No: CFN00230
CAS No: 495-83-0
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Catalog No: CFN00231
CAS No: 533-08-4
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Calystegine B3

Catalog No: CFN00162
CAS No: 178231-95-3
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Calystegine A5

Catalog No: CFN00169
CAS No: 165905-26-0
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Physalin L

Catalog No: CFN90166
CAS No: 113146-74-0
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Catalog No: CFN00218
CAS No: 3423-26-5
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Catalog No: CFN00221
CAS No: 60723-27-5
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Catalog No: CFN00156
CAS No: 65356-02-7
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Tropanyl phenylacetate

Catalog No: CFN00211
CAS No: 1690-22-8
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Catalog No: CFN00208
CAS No: 19038-34-7
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Tropanyl 3-hydroxy-4-methoxycinnamate

Catalog No: CFN00216
CAS No: 86702-58-1
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Catalog No: CFN99076
CAS No: 10597-60-1
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Oleanolic acid

Catalog No: CFN98800
CAS No: 508-02-1
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Catalog No: CFN96794
CAS No: 658062-22-7
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Catalog No: CFN89424
CAS No: 87261-77-6
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Isophysalin A

Catalog No: CFN92936
CAS No: 1363398-67-7
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Physalin H

Catalog No: CFN92937
CAS No: 70241-09-7
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Physalin C

Catalog No: CFN92938
CAS No: 27503-33-9
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Physalin D

Catalog No: CFN92939
CAS No: 54980-22-2
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Physalin A

Catalog No: CFN92940
CAS No: 23027-91-0
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Physalin B

Catalog No: CFN92941
CAS No: 23133-56-4
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