Similar structure

ChemFaces have 10 compounds are similar structure. N-Methyllindcarpine (CAS#14028-97-8); (+)-Isocorynoline (CAS#475-67-2); Corydine (CAS#476-69-7); Corytuberine (CAS#517-56-6); Litseglutine B (CAS#25368-01-8); Boldine (CAS#476-70-0); Cassythicine (CAS#5890-28-8); Glaucine (CAS#475-81-0); Lauroscholtzine (CAS#2169-44-0); Nantenine (CAS#2565-01-7).

Those compounds are series compounds, which having the similar structure but only some different in the individual atoms, functional groups and substructures. Maybe they also have the different physicochemical property, bioactivity and pharmacological property. In the drug design and reserach, they play an important role of improving the success rate of drug screening, researching of drug toxicity and acquiring of other data.
Research products of this plants

Catalog No: CFN99454
CAS No: 14028-97-8
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Catalog No: CFN90215
CAS No: 475-67-2
Price: $298/20mg

Catalog No: CFN90527
CAS No: 476-69-7
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Catalog No: CFN90528
CAS No: 517-56-6
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Litseglutine B

Catalog No: CFN98279
CAS No: 25368-01-8
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Catalog No: CFN98718
CAS No: 476-70-0
Price: $198/20mg

Catalog No: CFN98998
CAS No: 5890-28-8
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Catalog No: CFN90408
CAS No: 475-81-0
Price: $418/10mg

Catalog No: CFN98078
CAS No: 2169-44-0
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Catalog No: CFN89514
CAS No: 2565-01-7
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