Quality control indexes

Catalog No: CFN99411

15-Demethylplumieride is a quality control index of Plumeriarubra L.
Complanatoside A
Catalog No: CFN99525

Complanatoside A is a flavonol glycoside isolated from Astragalus complanatus, and currently it is used as a quality control index for A. complanatus in the 2010 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
Clinodiside A
Catalog No: CFN99949

Clinodiside A is a quality control indexe in Clinopodium herb drop pills.
Benzoylmesaconine hydrochloride
Catalog No: CFN98576

Benzoylmesaconine hydrochloride has used as the reference standard to evaluate the quality of processed aconite root and powdered processed aconite root.
Picrasidine A
Catalog No: CFN97316

Picrasidine A is a kind of reference standards.