Camaric acid
Catalog No: CFN99606

Camaric acid shows antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin resistant S. aureus with IC50 values 8.74 and 8.09 uM, respectively, it also shows moderate antileishmanial activity and highly potent antitrypanosomal activity. Camaric acid possesses nematicidal activity. Camaric acid shows significant topical anti-inflammatory activity with IC50 value of 0.67 mg/ear in the assay of TPA mouse ear oedema model.
Catalog No: CFN99776

N-Methylcytisine's nicotinic receptors have high affinity (KD = 50 nM)to nAChR from squid optical ganglia, N-methylcytisine is a selective ligand of nicotinic receptors of acetylcholine in the central nervous system. (−)-N-methylcytisine and (−)-anagyrine have nematicidal activity against pine wood nematodes.
Catalog No: CFN98138

Tuberostemonine has antitussive activity, acts in part as an open-channel blocker at the crayfish neuromuscular junction; it also exhibits relatively higher intestinal permeabilities.
Albaspidin AA
Catalog No: CFN98474

Albaspidin AA displays strong antibacterial activity against the vegetative form of P. larvae (MIC ranging from 0.168-220 uM). It may have in vitro nematocidal activity against L4 stage larvae.
Catalog No: CFN98937

Asperglaucide shows some nematocidal property against M. incognita.