Catalog No: CFN98870

beta-Asarone has neuroprotection, anti-tumor, anthelmintic, anti-inflammary, and anticoagulant effects, it can afford a beneficial inhibition on both mRNA and protein expression of Bad, Bax, and cleavage of caspases 9 in rat hippocampus following intrahippocampal injections of Abeta (1-42).beta-Asarone prevents autophagy and synaptic loss by reducing ROCK expression in SAMP8 mice. beta Asarone can cause liver and cardiac damages, it also has reproductive toxicity.
Catalog No: CFN98985

Suberosin exhibits anti-inflammatory, and anticoagulant activities, it also shows biting deterrent activity against Aedes aegypti, it may be useful for use as mosquito larvicidal agent. Suberosin inhibits PHA-induced PBMC proliferation, at least in part, through reduction of [Ca2+]i, ERK, NF-AT, and NF-kappaB activation, and early gene expression in PBMC including cyclins and cytokines, and arrest of cell cycle progression in the cells.
Catalog No: CFN90173

Ginkgetin is a good STAT3 inhibitor , which has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-influenza virus and anti-fungal activities. Ginkgetin induces apoptosis in PC-3 cells via activation of caspase 3 and inhibition of survival genes as a potent chemotherapeutic agent for prostate cancer treatment.
Catalog No: CFN90232

Nodakenin acts as an AChE inhibitor that inhibits AChE activity in a dosedependent manner with an IC50 value of 84.7 μM. Nodakenin possesses neuroprotective, anti-allergic, antiaggregatory, antibacterial, and memory -enhancing effects. Nodakenin down-regulates the expression of the proinflammatory iNOS, COX-2, TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-1β genes in macrophages by interfering with the activation of TRAF6, thus preventing NF-κB activation.
Catalog No: CFN90278

Cyclo-(Phe-Tyr) shows anticoagulant activities.