Catalog No: CFN99935

Nomilin has immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-human immunodeficiency virus(HIV), cancer chemopreventive, antiangiogenic, anti-obesity and anti-hyperglycemic effects. Nomilin inhibits tumor-specific angiogenesis by downregulating VEGF, NO and proinflammatory cytokine profile and also by inhibiting the activation of MMP-2 and MMP-9. It inhibits osteoclastogenesis in vitro by suppression of NFATc1 and MAPK signaling pathways, indicates that nomilin-containing herbal preparations have potential utility for the prevention of bone metabolic diseases.
Catalog No: CFN99938

Punicalagin has antifungal , antiviral, anti-atherosclerotic, hepatoprotective , anti-obesity., antiproliferative, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. It can suppress the phosphorylation of MAPK including p38, c-JNK, and ERK, it also has potently inhibiting the activity of fatty acid synthase with half-inhibitory concentration values (IC 50 ) of 4.50μM.
Catalog No: CFN98011

Lucidone possesses hepatoprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it-mediated up-regulation of phase-II enzymes and HO-1 via Nrf-2 signaling pathway may provide a pivotal mechanism for its hepatoprotective action. Dietary intake of lucidone alleviates high fat diet-induced obesity in C57BL/6 mice and reveals the potential of lucidone as a nutraceutical to prevent obesity and consequent metabolic disorders. Lucidone accelerates wound healing through the cooperation of keratinocyte/fibroblast/ ndothelial cell growth and migration and macrophage inflammation via PI3K/AKT, Wnt/β-catenin and NF-κB signaling cascade activation. Lucidone also suppresses hepatitis C virus replication by Nrf2-mediated heme oxygenase-1 induction, it could be a potential lead or supplement for the development of new anti-HCV agent in the future.
Catalog No: CFN99956

Carnosol, a novel agonist of TRPA1 with an EC50 value of 12.46 uM, which exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, anticarcinogen, anti-angiogenic, anti- invasive and antimetastatic properties. Carnosol can cause a significant decrease in both bacterial and yeast growth whilst, it may prove useful as a food antioxidant which could also contribute to the retardation of the microbial spoilage of foods; it also can inhibit adipocyte differentiation in mouse 3T3-L1 cells through induction of phase2 enzymes and activation of glutathione metabolism, it may be a potential drug against obesity-related diseases.
Catalog No: CFN99979

Protopanaxdiol is effective in preventing and healing obesity, fatty liver and hypertriglyceridemia in mice fed with a high-fat diet, it inhibits tumor interstitial microvascular density and its proliferation activity, finally inhibits tumor growth, it also inhibits expression of VEGF and bFGF protein. (20R)-Protopanaxdiol has protective effect on myocardial ischemia, which may be related to improving free radicals metabolism and myocardial metabolism, decreasing plasma TXA 2 levels.