Product Use Citation

  • Tanshinones that selectively block the collagenase activity of cathepsin K provide a novel class of ectosteric antiresorptive agents for bone

    Br J Pharmacol.2018 Mar;
    The same assay was used for the evaluation of 31 individual tanshinones (ChemFaces, Wuhan, China) for their potential anti-collagenase activity.
  • Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Herbal Mixture Extracts in Mice

    Sci Rep. Jan. 2018
    Osthol and Imperatorin were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Responses of cucurbitacin A and B concentrations from fruits of Cucumis myriocarpus and Cucumis africanus to drying method.

    Research on Crops.2017, Issue : 3
    Cucurbitacin A and Cucurbitacin B were purchased from ChemFaces