Treating glaucoma

Catalog No: CFN00148

Anisodine is a traditional anticholinergics, it and anisodamine possess alpha 1-adrenoceptor blocking properties, they are widely used in the People's Republic of China for the management of acute circulatory shock . Anisodine can protect optic nerve of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) through improving the visual function and blood supply of optic nerve. The combination of Anisodine and citicoline with standard steroid and mannitol therapy appears to be effective in the treatment of early optic nerve contusion.
Baogongteng A
Catalog No: CFN00155

Baogongteng A and Baogongteng C are the major toxic chemical compounds of the Erycibe species. Baogongteng A analogs as effective muscarinic agonists or antagonists in clinical use.Baogongteng A is a new tropane alkaloid used for treating glaucoma, synthetic baogongteng A also shows myotic activities in rabbits, but the potency is half of that of the natural product.